1. How long will the chat last?

That depends on the subject of the chat. Some chats can last 1 hour, some 15 minutes.

2. What about payment?

Compensation is contingent upon completion of the chat. We issue within a week of participation via check or Paypal.

3. Do the video chats get recorded?

Yes, for research purposes only. But, as with any market research study, all information about individual participants remains anonymous.

4. How are the participants selected?

Every video chat has a set of pre-qualification specs set forth by our clients, and every participant has to meet ALL the qualifications.  After that, the final list is selected based on internet connection strength and possibly by geographic location.

5. Can I be on a wireless connection?

Depending of the size of the chat, you may be required to plug your computer into your internet router in order to maximize your connection speed and minimize technical issues.

6. What is the chat about, and what is the client looking for?

We are continuously hired by all kinds of companies that are interested in YOUR opinion. Consistent among all of them is that there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER! We simply ask that you go beyond simple “yes” and “no” answers and give us the “whys” behind your responses.

7. I’ve participated before, how long before I’ll get picked again?

Generally we try to give everyone a chance to give their opinion so we may only have you participate once or twice a year. In some cases when you have specific qualifications we are looking for in a chat we may include you more frequently.

8. Why is it important to do a test in advance?

We test for several reasons, but mostly to ensure that your webcam, microphone, and lighting conditions are optimal for the chat in advance so that we do not have to use precious time during the chat to troubleshoot. In addition we use various platforms for different chats and need to make sure your device is setup in advance with the given platform.

9. Why are these interviews done on a video chat?

Different market research companies use different technologies for conducting their research projects. Video Chat Network utilizes video chat because we believe this technology is the next best thing to live, face to face interactions.

Video Chat Network hopes that all of our respondents have the most enjoyable experience possible.

If you run into any trouble or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for support by filling out the form on the right. You may also reach us by phone at +1 (917)207-7740

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