Welcome To Reality Research

We Meet Consumers In Their Real World

Unlike traditional research practices, which ask respondents to enter into the corporate world of sterile focus group facilities, we meet your consumers on their own turf and on their own terms.

This changes the context of market research. Rather than having consumers sit around a table, in which the moderator is like a teacher, our methodology puts the consumer in charge.

We Start With Real People

Reality Research begins with real people.

We’ve assembled a community of thousands of digitally-savvy people from every walk of life, every economic strata, every ethnicity, from New York to Beijing.

What’s more, we employ a rigorous vetting process to weed out “professional” respondents and those who claim to be what they are not.

To Get Real Insights

A real insight is one that is natural, spontaneous and true.

It is not simply saying what one thinks the moderator wants to hear, or parroting media-driven clichés.

It comes from one’s authentic perceptions and beliefs.

By starting with real people and engaging them in their world, we can uncover the kind of genuine insights that can help you better understand your customer, manage your business and build your brand.

In Real Time

Thanks to mobile technologies we can deliver real insights at the moment they occur.

This is not only efficient, but also provides a qualitatively different kind of response.

What people say and feel as they’re shopping for your product, or using it, is different from what they would say if they were merely reporting on an experience they had hours, days or weeks before.

Check out our study comparing in-the-moment vs. after-the-fact responses to get a better idea of what we mean.

From Which We Create Real Stories

Real insights mean little if they can’t be organized into a meaningful story that is not only substantive but also engaging.

That’s why we put as much thought and effort into our reporting as we do into gathering the insights in the first place.

And we provide video reports as well as written ones, to bring your results to life and provide an engaging presentation that is sure to be shared.

With Real Efficiency

We understand the time and budgetary constraints businesses are under in the contemporary economy.

Which is why we’re structured in a way that let’s us mobilize our digital resources quickly and efficiently, whether you’re studying a market close to home or around the world.

The result is better insights, better expressed, delivered on-time and within your budget.